Digital economics: a new undergraduate major in SE

Release Time:2020-03-09Visits:124

Recently, the Ministry of Education has issued the notice of the Ministry of Education on publishing the record and approval results of undergraduate majors of general universities in 2019 (JGH [2020] No. 2), and approved the establishment of the undergraduate program of digital economics (020109T) in School of Economics, AUFE. At present, there are three undergraduate programs in our school: economics, national economics and digital economics. Establishing the program in digital economics is the specific move for AUTE to implement the national digital economy development strategy and to accelerate the deployment of Digital Jianghuai Construction in Anhui Province, which is also in line with our university’s position and characteristics.

Digital economics focuses on the cultivation of high-level application-oriented talents who master big data application skills, integrate economic theory, data analysis and mining technology, artificial intelligence technology and modern management theory in all kinds of digital economic activities, so as to engage themselves in digital construction and management, data application and analysis in enterprises and institutions related to digital economy. Digital economics emphasizes the cultivation of students' multiple capacities, and is a combination of economics, data science, engineering and other disciplines, a cross-border cultivation practice of thinking plus technology plus management. Conceived in the logic of big data plus economy, digital economics is setting up courses by combining “soft courses” with “hard courses”, including big data analysis, data mining, Internet plus operation management and data visualization, to fully realize the combination of soft and hard education, and train high-quality undergraduates that meet the needs of economic and social development.

According to the Report on the Construction and Development of Digital China 2018, Anhui’s total digital economic output value gained a momentum growth and ranked sixth in China, which showed a great potential for further development and thus created a demand for digital economic professionals in Anhui. The program of digital economics in our school will further cultivate application-oriented compound talents who are competent in the Internet and big data era, and provide strong talent support for the local economy and social development in Anhui Province.


(contributed by: Liu Jian; reviewed by: Li Gang)