National economic management

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I. Objectives

The program aims at cultivating high-level application-oriented applied economics professionals that are capable of adapting themselves to economic and social development. They will ethically practice core socialist values, stick to morality, develop in an all-round way, conduct with honest and integrity, and have a strong sense of social responsibility; they will also effectively apply modern information technology, gain the solid knowledge reservation in economics, grasp expertise in national economy, possess entrepreneurship, and have a solid academic background that enables them to be highly competent on the job.

II. Characteristics of the program

Against the background of AUFE New Economics and Management Construction Planning, the program follows an interdisciplinary and subject–interpenetrating methodology that integrates theoretical teaching with practical teaching. Specifically, it sets up 6 modules, including ideological and political theory courses, general education courses, discipline elementary courses, specialized major courses, innovation and entrepreneurship courses, and elective courses.

The program requires talents to master basic economic theories, have fundamental knowledge of the operating mechanism of market economy, familiarize themselves with economic guidelines, policies and regulation issued by the Party and State, and keep up with the latest development in economics and national economy. They will be capable of uncovering, analyzing and solving macro-economic problems using quantitative methods and modern information technology such as the internet, big data and cloud computing.

The program aims to cultivate talents that are quick to meet the needs of social and economic development, and competent on the post in companies, financial agencies and government departments. It insists on diversified development and encourage students to start a new business or go for a further education.


III. Length of study, graduation requirement and conferral of degree

1. Length of program: 4 years, full time, flexible from 3-6 years; a maximum of 8 years for undergraduates who are authorized to start businesses or enlisted by the People’s Liberation Army or Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces.

2. Graduation requirement: 160 credits. Extracurricular module accounts for 15 credits, with social responsibility education and other quality development education (such as social practice, volunteering service and secondary classroom) 10 credits, PE club activities 2 credits, literature and art club activities 2 credits and labour education 1 credit. Extracurricular courses are part of the program, but acquired credits are not included in the curricular credits. Undergraduates should complete the module courses upon graduation.

3. Conferral of degree: Bachelor of Economics