History of Economic Thought

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School of Economics has enrolled postgraduates in History of Economic Thought since 2012. As the secondary-degree master’s program in Theoretical Economics, the History of Economic Thought program is based on Political Economics, National Economics and Regional Economics. Currently, it is taken in charge of by 2 professors and 3 associate professors, among whom 2 have received Ph. D. Recently, the faculty members have undertaken a number of projects from Ministry of Education projects in China, Anhui provincial social science foundation and other agencies, and gained many high-quality academic achievements, all of which leads to a well-established academic echelon that integrate teaching with scientific research with optimal distribution of academic resources.

The master’s program aims at cultivating high-level economic professionals who develop in an all-round way. Upon completion of the program, students will have a solid foundation in Marxist Economics and modern economic theories, learn to utilize econometric tools and methods, gain a systematic understanding of the evolution of China and foreign economic thoughts, and propose theoretical references for the development of socialist market economy and corresponding policy-making. The discipline sets 3 research fields: (1) modern economic growth theories, (2) western economic thought and (3) Chinese economic development theories.

Graduates from the program have a fairly good prospect. They choose either to pursue a doctor’s degree in 21 institutes that offer the program, or to work in institutes of teaching and scientific research, government agencies, public decision-making departments, banks, securities companies or corporate business administration sections.