Western Economics

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School of Economics has enrolled postgraduates in Western Economics since 2012. As the secondary-degree master’s program in Theoretical Economics, the Western Economics program is currently taken in charge of by 6 master’s supervisors, among whom 2 are professors, 4 associate professors and 5 have received Ph. D. In the past 5 years, the faculty members have undertaken over 40 research projects from National Foundation of Social Science, Ministry of Education, provincial and local governments and enterprises, published more than 230 essays in in national authoritative and core journals and 10 scholarly monographs, and been awarded Anhui Provincial Social Science Second and Third Prizes once.

The program aims to cultivate professionals that systematically grasp intermediate-level western economics and analytic methods and familiarize themselves with the history, trend, current situation, schools and frontier subjects of western economics. Upon completion of the courses, graduates will have a strong sense of innovation and is capable of proposing and analyzing economic problems by using economic theories and analytical tools. The program sets 3 research fields: (1) macro-economic theories and policies, (2) corporate economic theory and practice, and (3) economic development in Anhui Province.

Graduates from this program are competent for the posts in institutes of teaching and scientific research, economic management departments, finance companies, businesses and large-scale enterprises. The employment rate of graduates is 100%.