Political Economics

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School of Economics has begun to enroll postgraduates in Political Economics since 1997. Over the years, an academic echelon has emerged from the development of the discipline with relatively high-level economic theoretical research capacities and reasonable distribution across age, professional ranks and academic degrees. Currently, the program is undertaken by 7 master’s supervisors, among whom 3 are professors, 4 associate professors and 3 have received Ph. D. The faculty members have undertaken and completed a number of national and provincial research projects, and published many scholarly monographs and over 200 essays in national authoritative and core journals.

The program set Chinese and foreign economics as the theoretical basis, innovatively investigating distinctive Chinese political and economic theoretical system and the latest development in foreign economic theories as the subjects, deductive and empirical analysis as the basic methods, and thus integrates theory with practice in the research of applied theories. The program cultivates intermediate to high level professionals that engage in theoretical research, teaching and economic management for universities, governmental research agencies and other scientific institutes. The program sets 3 research fields: (1) political economic theories, (2) Socialist economic theories, and (3) Socialist economic theory and practice.

The employment rate of graduates from this program is 100%. They either engage themselves in investment, finance or financial management in state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock banks and large-scale enterprises, or teach and conduct research in institutions, or work on the post of planning and decision-making for governmental departments and public agencies, or further pursue doctors’ degrees.