Digital Economics

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ModuleCourse typeCourse idCourseCreditsClass hoursTime arrangementOn computer after classSemesterCredits requiredTest type
LectureOn computerExperiment
Ideological and political theory & practice courses   PDA1131004Conspectus of Modern Chinese History3623   9   116Exam
PDA1151003Mao Zedong Thought and Introduction to Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics5905   9   3Exam
PDA2131004Moral Education and Basis of Law3623   9   2Checking
PDA1131001Basic Principles of Marxism3513   9   4Exam
PDA2121005Situation and Policy2342   0   1Checking
General education (GE) coursesEFL18FL1059Intensive English Reading 4136200   48Checking
18FL1058Intensive English Reading 3136200   3Checking
18FL1057Intensive English Reading 2136200   2Exam
18FL1056Intensive English Reading 1130200   1 Exam
18FL1063English Listening and Speaking 41362036   4Checking
18FL1062English Listening and Speaking 31362036   3Checking
18FL1061English Listening and Speaking 21362036   2 Exam
18FL1060English Listening and Speaking 11302036   1 Exam
18SJ01CET 447240001Checking
MathematicsSMG1131005Calculus 13513   0   111Exam
SMG1121004Linear Algebra2362   0   3Exam
SMG1131006Calculus 23513   0   2Exam
SMG1131004Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics3513   0   4Exam
ICT18MT0011Python Language2362   36   312Checking / Exam
18MT0012Big Data Analysis and Application2362   36   4
18SM0102Introduction to Data Science2362         3
MTG1123011Fundamentals of Computer Applications (on Computer)2362   36   1
MTG1123012Database Application2362   36   2
LecturesIn line with AUFE regulations on lectures  
   18FL0180Writing and Communication236200012Checking
PEPTA2113001Physical Education 11302   30   12Checking
PTA2113002Physical Education 21362   36   2Checking
   PEN2123001Military Training2362   36   12Checking
   SOA2111003Mental Health of College Students and Security Guide230200   12Checking
GE electivesGEE - natural science1  
GEE - culture and arts1
GEE - economics and management1
GEE - social science1
GEE - PE and athletic sports1
Discipline elementary coursesCoreECH1131001Microeconomics3543   0   222Exam
18EC0101Political Economics47240002Exam
ECH1131002Macroeconomics3543   0   3Exam
   Introduction to Digital Economics2362   0   3Exam
   International Economics23620004Exam
SMH1132101Statistics3513   0   4Exam
18EC0102Economic Thought History23620004Exam
SFH1121001Finance3513   0   3Exam
InterdisciplinaryMTH1132031Econometrics3513   0   58Exam
18AC0147Accounting 23610003Exam
18LS0118Economic Law23620003Exam
SAI1121008Management Science236      0   3Exam
Major theoretical and practice coursesMajor required18EC0108Introduction to Major Study(In line with AUFE regulations)1181000214Checking
   Internet and Network Economics11810006Exam
   Machine Learning236103605Checking
   Big Data Analysis Using Python236203606Checking
   Internet+ Operations Management1362   0   5Exam
18EC0104Company Economics23620006Exam
ECI1123001Economic Analysis Methods and Means2362   36   5Exam
   Operations Research11820005Exam
ITI1121206Industrial Economics2362   0   6Exam
Major optional   Block chains: Principles and Application1181000513Checking
   Statistics: Principles, Methods and R11810005Checking
   JAVA Programming118101806Checking
   Data Mining11810006Checking
18EC0119Game Theory and Information Economics11810006Checking
   Mathematical Modeling11810005Checking
   Digital Marketing Experiments118101805Checking
18EC0116Macroeconomic Analysis11810006Checking
18EC0115School of Contemporary Western Economics11810006Checking
   Digital Operations11810006Checking
   Neural Networks11810005Checking
   AI Principles11810006Checking
18EC0111Intermediate Microeconomics11810005Checking
18EC0110Regional Economics11810005Checking
   Programming in C118101805Checking
18SA0217Strategic Marketing11810006Checking
   SQL Server: Principles and Application118101806Checking
18SF0120Securities Investment Theory and Practice11810006Checking
18EC0141Company Operations Analysis11810006Checking
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE) coursesIE required18SA0014Entrepreneurial Principles2362   0   28Exam
SOL2111001Employment Guidance1181   0   7Checking
bylwGraduation Thesis Writing4724   0   8  
PEN2113001Professional Survey and Practice1181   18   7Checking
LecturesIn line with AUFE regulations on lecture credits transfer2  
Academic competitionIn line with AUFE regulations on academic competition credits transfer10Exam / Checking
Cross-disciplinary experimentETI1133001Comprehensive Experiment of Economy3543   54   65Exam / Checking
ETJ1123001Enterprise Resource Planning2362   36   5
IE electives2018TS101Entrepreneurial and  Innovation Execution Force0.5360.51818   13Checking
2018TS194Design of a creative life0.5340.5   0   1Checking
2018TS211Career guidance and skill development0.5340.5   0   1Checking
2018TS212Entrepreneurship Management: Accessible and Practical Guide0.5240.5   0   1Checking
2018TS213Introduction and practice of College Students" Entrepreneurship0.5340.5   0   1Checking
2018TS214Innovative Practice: College Students" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice0.5340.5   0   1Checking
2018TS216Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility0.5340.5   0   1Checking
2018TS217Creative Thinking and Innovative Methods0.5340.5   0   1Checking
2018TS345Theory and Practice of Internet Startups0.510      0   1Checking
2018TS346Innovative Thinking Training0.510      0   1Checking
2018TS347Training for Innovative Startups Competition0.510      0   1Checking
2018TS348Optimization of Business Plans0.510      0   1Checking
2018TS349Entrepreneurship and Law0.524      0   1Checking
2018TS350Entrepreneurial Life0.527      0   1Checking
2018TS091Entrepreneurship Management0.5170.51734   1Checking
2018TS095Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leadership0.5360.51818   1Checking
KF0148College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects: Application and Conclusion1181   0   1Checking
KF1032Internet + College Students" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition1181   0   1Checking
18SF1001Cultivation of Financial Research Ability1361   0   1Checking
18IT1001Simulation of enterprise decision making1361   0   1Checking
18SA0017Business Model Innovation2342   0   1Checking
18SA1002Innovative Culture1361   0   1Checking
18SA1004Creativity and Creative Thinking1361   0   1Checking
18SA1006Career Development and Planning1361   0   1Checking
18SA1008Innovative Methods and Applications1361   0   1Checking
18SA1011Entrepreneurship Foundation and Case Study1361   0   1Checking
18SA1013Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice1361   0   1Checking
18SA1015Entrepreneurial Marketing1361   0   1Checking
18SA1018Identifying Business Opportunity1361   0   1Checking
18SA1020Writing a product plan1361   0   1Checking
18SA1022Internet Entrepreneurship1361   0   1Checking
18SA1024Entrepreneurial Practice1361   0   1Checking
18SA1026Simulation practices of enterprise management1361   0   1Checking
18SA1028Marketing Simulation1361   0   1Checking
18SA1030Innovative Practice1361   0   1Checking
18SM1001Mathematical Modeling Methods1361   0   1Checking
18MT1001Electronic Design Training1361   0   1Checking
18FL1001Cultural and Creative Industry1361   0   1Checking
Classified education courses   FLM2221001Business English2362   0   415Checking
18FL0067Listening and Speaking (CET 6)2362   0   3Checking
18FL0066Reading and Writing (CET6)2362   0   3Checking
FLM2221011GRE English2362   0   6Checking
18SM0064Mathematics 44724   0   6Checking
18SM0063Mathematics 34724   0   5Checking
18PD0065Politics for Graduate Admission Examination2362   0   6Checking
18FL1076English Tutoring for Postgraduate Entrance Examination 2236200   6Checking
18FL1075English Tutoring for Postgraduate Entrance Examination 1236200   5Checking
18FL0071TOFEL: Listening and Speaking2362   0   6Checking
18FL0070TOFEL: Reading and Writing2362   0   6Checking
18FL0069IELTS: Listening and Speaking2362   0   5Checking
18FL0068IELTS: Reading and Writing2362   0   5Checking
18FA0142Administrative Aptitude Test 23620006Checking
FAM2221005Essay Test for Civil Servants2362   0   7Checking
18FA0143Interview Skills23620007Checking
   IE credits transferIn line with AUFE regulations on IE credits transfer