The School of Economics held a Seminar on the Application of Master's Degree Authorization points in Digital Economy

Release Time:2023-03-10Visits:10

On the morning of February 14, the School of Economics held a seminar on the application of master's degree authorization points in digital economy in the 201 conference room. Li Gang, the president, Cheng Xiugang, the deputy secretary, Zhang Changquan, Li Qiang, the vice president, and the teachers of the application group attended the meeting, which was presided over by Li Qiang.

At the meeting, Associate Professor Huang Dunping gave a detailed introduction to the proposed authorization points of the master's degree in digital economy.He reported the characteristics and advantages of the proposed authorization points, teaching staff, scientific research, talent training, environment and conditions with the standard  basic conditions of the standard country's degree authorization application. Later, President Li Gang guided the filling of the Profile one by one, and put forward targeted modification suggestions in terms of professional characteristics, structure of teaching staff, presentation of backbone teachers, and selection of representative achievements. Finally, the participating teachers had in-depth exchanges and discussions on various problems and cooperation methods encountered in the construction of master's degree authorization points and the filling of the Profile.

The convening of this seminar further clarified the working ideas for the application of the master's degree authorization points of the digital economy specialty of our college, clarified the work plan for the modification and improvement of the Profile, and played an important role in accelerating the construction of the master's degree authorization project of our college.