The 3th "Biweekly Forum" Academic Seminar

Release Time:2023-04-21Visits:10

On the afternoon of April 14th,  our college held 3th Biweekly Forum academic seminar online and offline on National Social Science and Education Ministry Project Application in Conference Room 201 of the college. Professor Li Gang, the dean of the college, and some teachers attended the seminar, which was chaired by Professor Li Gang.

This seminar mainly revolves around the 2023 National Ministry of Social Science and Education project application, which is conducive to improving teachers' ability and level in project application. At the meeting, the teachers who planned to apply for the project reported on the application project from multiple levels, including topic selection basis, existing literature, research objectives, theoretical basis, and policy recommendations.The attending teachers actively discussed the various declaring projects, and after intense discussions, proposed modification suggestions for each declaring project, which supplemented and improved the declaring projects. Dean Li Gang gave high praise to this academic seminar, pointing out that the project application topic should be clear and concise, and avoid confusion between the theme and object, research scope and research objectives.He believes that the basis for selecting a topic should be specific and clear, highlighting the necessity of researching the project theme. He also emphasized that the application project should closely focus on the requirements and necessary points of the research content, and showcase the innovation of the application project. Finally, he hopes that teachers have a national policy awareness, adhere to problem orientation, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards the applied projects, and encourage them to actively participate in the application of various projects at all levels based on their own actual situations, continuously accumulate experience, and continuously improve their research capabilities and levels.

This seminar has provided great inspiration to teachers who is applying for projects, solving many practical problems in the project application process. The attending teachers have benefited greatly and provided useful assistance for teachers to successfully apply for projects.

(Translated by Ning Qianian)